Escazú is a suburb that’s just a 10-minute drive from the Costa Rican capital of San José. This proximity to the big city makes it the perfect place for holidaymakers and expats to stay. It offers an authentic taste of Costa Rican culture while being incredibly close to, but not overwhelmed by, the modern, bustling capital city. As such, it has a very large English-speaking population, helping to make expats and travellers more comfortable with visiting the area – it’s even home to the US ambassador to Costa Rica!

Escazú is not only a thriving and unique place today, but it also has a rich and interesting history. Its prominent church, the church of San Miguel, dates back to 1799, and for centuries before that, the area was home to native tribes. Perhaps the most intriguing fact is that a local legend calls Escazú La Ciudad de las Brujas, which means “the City of Witches”, and as a result, the city seal is an image of a witch flying over the surrounding mountains on a broomstick.

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