Dental treatments for seniors in Costa Rica

Age should never be an impediment for a person to enjoy a nice meal, smile, have a normal social life, and have high quality of life.

Certainly age usually comes accompanied by illnesses that demand a careful attention to avoid any setbacks. But, with an appropriate preparatory treatment and replacing the old hurting, slippery prosthesis with a new dental implant the well-being of the patient will improve during the years to come.

Recovering the quality of life

Geriatric dentistry -as we call one of the specialties of Dentistry- is the delivery of comprehensive dental care for the elderly.

During advanced age root caries problems, tooth sensitivity, dry mouth, bleeding and inflammation of the gums and, commonly, teeth loss tend to occur.

Dental pieces replacement can be done in a total or partial way, using fixed or removable prostheses that will be functional as long as they are perfectly adapted to the physical and oral characteristics of the person.

In this sense, technology and science made available for the tools and knowledge required for partially or totally restoring teeth using techniques such as:

  • All-on-4 , this technique involves fixing a complete dental prosthesis to the jaws using only four implants that serve as support. Bone grafts are never, or almost never, required and the process is done during a single visit.
  • All-on-6 , this dental implant procedure is recommended for patients with limited bone tissue in the jaw.It requires fewer surgeries than conventional implants and is performed during a single visit.
  • All-on-8, it involves eight implants distributed over the maxillary bone.It provides an alternative solution to traditionally used dental prostheses when all teeth have disappeared. They have the benefit that the teeth are fixed, look natural and tend to last for life.
  • Total restoration of the mouth .This procedure scope depends on the need to use instruments such as crowns, veneers, bridges, dental implants, prostheses, orthopedic devices and, sometimes, surgery. In order to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results, we use the most advanced technology and make a preliminary computer design so the client can see what it will look like after the treatment is done.

Costa Rica, as usual, offers the elderly the opportunity to maintain a high quality of life through a first world dental treatments with surprisingly low costs while enjoying a pleasant vacations.

If you are within Costa Rica or abroad, feel free to contact us , we can send you more information about our services.

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