The best dental clinics in Escazú and Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of four countries in the world that offer the best and most accessible health care to its inhabitants and one of the five most renowned countries in the field of medical tourism.

Studies point several reasons for that such as the low cost and high quality of medical services; the medical infrastructure and the excellence of professionals, as well as the infant mortality rate and life expectancy at birth.

Costa Rica’s medical attractiveness is also influenced by other factors such as the high amount of English speakers within its inhabitants, political stability, democratic tradition, international prestige and a dream-like tourism based, firstly, in its natural beauties.

Top notch dental services

The high quality of Costa Rican health services extends to all branches of health but it’s mainly focused in cosmetic and dental medical services, orthopedics, bariatric, cardiovascular and neurosurgery.

The dental services are provided by high quality Costa Rican and foreign professionals .In that sense, Escazú, an attractive metropolitan canton adjacent to the capital city stands out over the rest.

Escazú is the destination of hundreds of American retirees attracted by the opportunity to combine a peaceful environment with all the comforts a foreign visitor is used to. The neighborhoods have supermarkets, shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants, exclusive clubs, hospitals and first world clinics.

Dr Rivera’s Dental Reconstruction Clinic

In Escazú there’s Dr. Erick Rivera’s Clinic, the most recognized dental surgery clinic in Costa Rica. This clinic provides a partial or total restoration of the teeth, smile design and dental care.

We are backed by our own excellence obtained as a result of years of work, dedication, professionalism and growth to improve the quality of life of hundreds of patients. Our team of professionals trained in the latest technologies and treatments is lead by Dr. Erick Rivera a surgeon graduated in the Xavierian University of Colombia.

The high quality medical attention, low prices and the opportunity to enjoy a few days in paradisiacal beaches and natural parks are good reasons to visit Costa Rica.We invite you to smile with us.We are located in Escazú, San José, get in touch and visit us.

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