All on 6 dental implants: What does it include?

All on 6 is a dental implant technique with an immediate effect that is used when patients have a low bone density. This procedure doesn’t require bone grafts.

It is a painless and minimally invasive technique that requires no more than one intervention per session, it has a rapid positive impact on the quality of life of the patient since specialist places a full-arch prosthesis fixed on the implants on the same day.

The All on 6 implant technique , as well as the All on 4 treatment , provides a series of benefits such as short lasting treatment in relation to other procedures like bone grafts and other more complex surgeries, the stability of new teeth and relatively cheap.

What does an All on 6 dental implant include at Dr. Erick Rivera Dental Clinic?

  • Immediate transformation The treatment is carried out in one single visit. The patient remains in Costa Rica for a week in most cases and then returns home with a new smile.
  • Lifetime warranty on the implants and the metal strip placed inside the gum .If the implant generates any inconvenience, the corrective procedure is carried out at no cost for the patient.
  • High quality We only use materials from the best brands, manufactured in the United States and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Maximum satisfaction If the patient wants it, the procedure can be done using zirconium and porcelain in two visits. The aesthetic result is superior and the wear of the dental pieces is reduced.
  • Centralized attention The patient receives the dental specialties services, image diagnosis and surgery within the same clinic.
  • Accommodation facilities : If the patient requires it, we can organize your accommodation, transportation to and from the airport and other related services so you can enjoy your stay in Costa Rica to the fullest.

Dental treatment is one of the great attractions offered by Costa Rican health services among among the best the world, for the exquisite adventure of visiting a country of great tourist attractions and low prices if you compare them with the medical costs of the United States.

At the Dr. Erick Rivera clinic provides dental care using the most advanced equipment and from the hands of trained professionals. We invite you to visit us, our staff will answer any question you may ask.

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