Dental tourism: Costa Rica is the best option for your dental treatments

Dental services can be very expensive; even the most basic procedures can cost patients hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially in countries like the UK and USA. Many of these dental procedures are necessary for a patient’s oral health and well-being, meaning most people either have to go into debt or forego their oral health. It seems like an impossible situation to be in, but there is a way out. A new and increasingly-popular phenomenon called ‘dental tourism’ could be the saviour of your teeth and your wallet.

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is the phenomenon where people travel abroad to receive dental care at a fraction of the price they’d have to pay domestically. Many countries around the world offer dental care that’s just as good as, if not better than, countries like the UK and USA where dental fees are extremely high. Many people take the ‘tourism’ part of dental tourism literally and couple their dental care with a vacation, so not only do they receive excellent, affordable healthcare, they also enjoy a vacation, perhaps in a part of the world they would not have otherwise visited.

Dental tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for dental tourists, and it’s easy to see why. A person from the US can travel to Costa Rica and receive the exact same treatment at the highest quality for up to 75% less than they would pay domestically. The numbers are astounding.

Costa Rica holds its dental professionals to the highest standards; the majority of practices follow the same regulations and use the exact same equipment as dentists in the USA. Also, in order to become a practising dentist in Costa Rica, a person must study for at least five years, meaning any dentist you visit will have a wealth of experience and knowledge. All this comes at a fraction of the cost to a patient from the UK or USA.

Aside from this, Costa Rica is an excellent vacation destination. With a rich culture that’s a mixture of the traditional and the contemporary, unique biodiversity, government-protected national parks, 300 beaches, and year-round tropical weather, Costa Rica is a holiday-maker’s dream.

Dental tourism at Rivera Dental

Here at Rivera Dental, we love dental tourism. We love treating patients who have travelled from hundreds or thousands of miles away; they leave our clinic even more satisfied because they’re on vacation and know that they’ve just received the highest-quality dental care for a fraction of the price they’re used to paying. Our entire workforce speaks Spanish and English, so patients from all over the world are welcome.

We’re located in San José, the nation’s capital city, so we’re very accessible from the airport and the city center. Get in touch with Rivera Dental today if you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of dental tourism.

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