All-on-4 Costa Rica reviews

Clínica Dr. Erick Rivera is the largest plastic surgery, reconstructive and odontology clinic in Costa Rica that specializes in maxillofacial surgery and all-on-4 procedures. We like to think that we are more than just a medical center; but a physical and emotional transformation ecosystem that provides life-changing treatment.

Our head doctor, Dr. Erick Rivera himself, has over ten years’ experience in the field and has studied at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. A fluent English speaker too, he likes to provide his world-class clinical and cosmetic service to clients from all over the world.

Now, we are obviously going to say how amazing we are and that our service is second-to-none, but don’t just take our word for it – take it from our satisfied customers. They are proof that what we say is true!

For example, Timothy suffered an injury and lost some teeth at the front of his mouth. He went to some dentists near his home in the US. One provided him with a partial plate that caused his teeth to chip, another dentist gave him dentures which he found too uncomfortable to bear.

He then came to Costa Rica to see Dr Rivera, who put implants in “in one day… 4 in my upper jaw and 4 in the lower”. The next day, the team took molds and “within a week I had a full set of teeth… he made them perfect! He’s wonderful! The staff are wonderful! I feel wonderful! I can smile, I can chew food! I’d been without teeth for a year and it was terrible.”

Timothy’s story is a prime example of the transformative service we provide at Clínica Dr. Erick Rivera, and there are plenty more like him.

Take one of our more high-profile clients, international football star Daniel Guzman, as another example. As a professional athlete in the public eye, he knows the importance of diet, exercise, and dental health. He also says that it’s important to “showcase your smile in the best possible way,” and he “really trust[s] Clínica Dr. Erick Rivera and Dr Erick Rivera” to help him look and feel his best.

As you can see, the work we do here is more than just dental implants and oral health, it’s also about finding your confidence again and allowing you to live your life as best you can. Our customers are evidence that we keep our promises.

If these testimonies still aren’t convincing you, take a look at our gallery of “before and after” photos. There you’ll see exactly what we do and the results we deliver. If you have a dental issue similar to someone in the “before” photo and want to look like the “after” photo, then get in touch with Clínica Dr. Erick Rivera today!

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